About Hornsea Pottery


Hornsea Potteries was founded in 1949 by brothers Colin and Desmond Rawson.  Driven by a wide array of design influences the pottery quickly grew from being a  purveyor of seaside  tourist trinkets to the largest  studio pottery in the world, employing over 700 people. Hornsea’s rapid growth was generated by its widespread popularity and inspirational design.

Located away from the traditional ceramics heartland in Staffordshire, Hornsea developed unique and groundbreaking techniques and designs many of which were influenced by the Rawson’s textile design backgrounds.

Hornsea is a remarkable British design story involving some of the icons of British pattern and ceramic design. There are over 200 examples of Hornsea wares in the V & A 's Permanent Collection as well as a dedicated Hornsea Museum in the  seaside town of Hornsea in East Yorkshire.

Hornsea remains a much loved and influential brand, with a timeless appeal. 

Today Hornsea designs are available across a wide array of home wares, and accessories. There is also a robust collectors and vintage seller community.


Contact home@hornsea.com for more details.

We are excited to share that the  much loved Hornsea catalog is now available again in the USA.